CPF Fund

KiwiSport WaikatoCommunity Partnership Fund” Application Form

Sport NZ has approved a further 12 months of KiwiSport Funding allowing Sport Waikato to allocated funding through its Community Partnership Fund for the 2016-2017 year.
Organisations wishing to apply for community partnership funding should contact Sport Waikato on (07) 858 5388 to request a meeting time to discuss their proposed projects.  An application will be provided following these discussions. 
The CPF will enable a more targeted approach to the development of youth sport in each community. The CPF will be split into targeted age groups; ages 5-7, ages 8-12, ages 13-18. RSO’s/NSO’s, Clubs, School clusters and community organisations will be eligible to apply to the Community Partnership Fund.
Projects may target just one of these specific age groups and identify key communities where partnerships and delivery will be established. Projects may however span all age groups and communities when helping to develop sporting pathways. Projects focusing on a school cluster approach may also be received. An advisory panel will ensure region wide coverage is achieved when allocating this fund.

A maximum of $40,000 p.a can be applied for, in-conjunction with a financial contribution of at least 25% of the total project by the applicant. There will be one main funding round for the CPF with a closing date of 25th September 2016.  This will be for projects beginning 2017.

Click here to download the CPF Application Form 2016-2017 and CPF Project Plan Template 2016-2017.

Priority will be given to projects that are seen to address both KiwiSport and community priorities and show evidence of the following:

  • Partnerships between schools, clubs, community and/or sporting organisations
  • Clear outcomes and rational regarding the need for the project in targeted communities
  • Baseline figures of current participation and projected growth as a result of the project
  • Evidence of how the project will impact on low participation groups and/or children NOT currently involved in sport
  • Financial contribution to the project (minimum 25%).  Furthermore projects that are cost effective (amount of delivery in relation to KiwiSport investment) and have sustainable strategies.  Projects should still however be meaningful and not solely about delivery.
  • Alignment to Regional and National junior development programmes
  • Projects that reflect the seasonality of sport
  • Projects that are well thought out, targeted and clearly identify the number of sessions, duration of sessions, what time of year and the setting (afterschool, lunchtime, weekend, in-school, holiday)