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12 Week Challenge

The 12 Week Challenge is for groups, organisations and individuals. It is an email based healthy eating and physical activity challenge where you will learn lots of ways to get active and eat better. Because it is linked to the Waikato Green Prescription Service you need to live or work within our region to access the Challenge and be 18 years of age or older.


Our next challenge starts on Monday 7 May 2018 - why not encourage a group of your friends, family or work mates to join our next challenge?

On start dates this registration site will close at 10am and you will receive your first email around midday. Within a day or two you will recieve an extra email from your coordinator who is available for further support.

Which organisation do you work for? Or please choose 'Individual' if you are not part of a group.*


Do you suffer from any of the following*

By registering with the 12 Week Challenge you accept the following conditions in our disclaimer: Not all exercise programmes and activities are suitable for everyone. Anyone with ongoing health conditions or injuries should obtain clearance from their doctor or other health professional such as a physiotherapist before beginning a new exercise programme or participating in vigorous activities. Do not over exert yourself and work at your own pace. If at any time you are exercising beyond your current fitness abilities or you feel discomfort or pain you should stop the activity immediately. Sport Waikato is not responsible for any injuries or incidents related to this challenge and disclaims any liability in connection with any of the activities listed or the advice contained within. When you register, we inform your doctor that you are taking part in our programme.